SEVILLA – The cultural capital of Spain


The capital of Andalusia, Sevilla is a historically significant city of Spain. The city oozes the old world charm with its Gothic Cathedrals, Mudejar Palaces and age old tradition of Flamenco Dances. The medieval feel of the city through its winding streets and architecture seduces you to get lost in this paradise. The city brings you to life with its Fiestas, such as, Feria de Abril and Semana Santa where the whole city stops to celebrate these festival to their heart´s content. Sevilla is a very walkable city and can be best explored on foot. The city is known for its Siesta lifestyle, which is, napping from 2 pm to 5 pm! Embrace the siesta, do some photography, or go take a nap and save yourself from the scorching Sun of the South!!!

Plaza de España

One of the most impressive plazas of Spain, Plaza de España of Sevilla, is a mix of Renaissance, Moorish and Spanish Architecture with heavy mosaic inlay works which makes it stand out. It is known as the Venice of Sevilla and one can enjoy a boat ride in the canal on a hot summer day. Also available are the horse and carriage rides at the entrance of the Plaza!

Cathedral of Sevilla

The largest Gothic Cathedral of the world and the 3rd largest Cathedral of Europe, the Sevilla Cathedral was constructed in a span of 500 years and is also the tomb of Christopher Columbus. The ticket to this grandiose monument includes climbing up the Giralda Tower.

La Giralda

Giralda Bell Tower is one of the landmarks of Sevilla and the bell tower to the largest Gothic Cathedral of the world. The top of the tower can be reached by clibing 34 sloping ramps to be rewarded by a splendid view of the city. During the Muslim reign, the tower was used by the muezzin to announce the prayers 5 times a day riding a horse up the ramps, the reason why there are no steps!

El Divino Salvador

Under the rule of Muslims, El Divino Salvador was originally built as a mosque. But after Spain attained its freedom, it was converted into a Cathedral. It was the first ever mosque built in Spain. Now a Baroque church, El Divino Salvador with its intricate rich gold ornamentation, the interiors can't be missed. Recommendation : At the entrance of El Divino Slavador, purchase the combined ticket to El Divino Salvador, Cathedral of Sevilla and Girlada Tower in 9€. This also gives you the opportunity to skip the line in Cathedral of Sevilla be showing this ticket.

Metropol Parasol

This giant majestic sun shade also called Las Setas de Sevilla (The Mushrooms of Sevilla) is the largest wooden structure in the world. The basement of the structure holds an Antiquarium which displays the Roman ruins which are worth a visit. The top floor  which can be reached by walking on this structure, gives a spectacular view panoramic view of the city. The entry for the top floor is 3€ which includes a in the bar!


The Royal Palace of Sevilla, Alcázar, is adorned with stunning gold ceilings, hand painted tiles, water fountains and manicured gardens along with the influence of Moorish, Renaissance, Mudejar and Gothic Architecture. Also famously known to the Games of Throne of fans as the setting for Kingdom of Dorne  this palace can't be missed! Book your tickets here to avoid standing in long queues. (9.5€/adult)


University of Sevilla

Walk Along Guadalquivir

Puerta del Perdon


The most relaxing experience in the heart of the city of Sevilla has to be the Ancient Arab Baths at Aire de Sevilla, a 16th century conserved mansion with stone arches and stunning lanterns. You have to experience it to believe it. Click here to know more! 


The traditional Flamenco dances of Spain with stomping feet and fiery passion is a must watch. Book your experience in 18€ per adult at Casa de Memoria. Click here to know more!


10 mins walk from Metropol Parasol

You can't get enough of churches and cathedrals in Sevilla. Another beautifully decorated church with frescoes all over reopened last year for public.


5 mins walk from Sevilla Cathedral

An old dockyard from the 13th century with vaulted arches was also used as a shooting location for Games of Thrones


8 mins walk from Parroquia San Luis

You can't get enough of churches and cathedrals in Sevilla. Another beautifully decorated church with frescoes all over reopened last year for public.


5 mins walk from the Sevilla Cathedral

Don't be fooled by its simple exteriors. It was a synagogue built in the 13th century now converted into a church has a unique style of Architecture called Borrominesque 


In front of the Sevilla Cathedral

A beautiful square just in front of the Cathedral, not known to many tourists. It also hosts Sunday morning markets 


8 mins walk from Metropol Parasol

Another eye catching Andalusian Palace with decorated courtyards depicting Sevillan architecture of the 16th century


In front of Plaza de Espana

This charismatic mound located in the Maria Luisa Park has a small waterfall and gives a beautiful view of the park and Plaza de Espana


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