Semana Santa

semana santa

Semana Santa meaning the"Holy Week" is celebrated for a whole week before Easter every year to pay tribute to the Passion (period of suffering before and during crucifixion) of Jesus Christ.

It is a procession of 'pasos' (floats/tabloids weighing almost a metric ton which is 1000 kgs) which are carried on the necks of 'costaleros' (people under the pasos) non stop for as long as 14 hours. The pasos seem to float in air cause of the way it is done. The most elaborate and significant pasos to see are of The Virgin Mary and the one with the Christ. Some people due to their extreme devotion do these procession barefoot. 

It takes place in almost every city in Spain but the prettiest and most significant processions of Semana Santa can be seen in Andalusia specially the city of Sevilla. Other cities in Andalusia which have elaborate processions are Malaga, Cordoba and Almeria. The processions in the North of Spain in the region of Castille and Leon are also extremely pretty. 

The schedule for Semana Santa for 2018 is from Sunday, 25th March'18 - Sunday, 1st April'18

People wearing Nazarenos (penitential robes) which demonstrates penitents (people who repent their sins and seek forgiveness) of the Medieval time.


I woke up at 6 in the morning to witness the procession at 8. We reached the streets at 7 so we could reserve our spot behind the bars from where we could see the procession closely. Am not a Catholic, but the spirits of the city and its people gets you goosebumps. The amount of pain people endure in these processions and their devotion is unbelievable.  

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