The city of Segovia, a UNESCO World Heritage City, echoes of a Roman history through its world famous Aqueducts which are one of the largest Roman structures in Europe. The city is just an hour drive from Madrid and is a perfect historical day trip. Segovia being a small city can easily be covered in a few hours by a tourist, but for a traveler there are so many sites to visit and appreciate that even a day might not be enough! 


This grey stone arched structure, Aqueduct, is a Roman engineering wonder which was built 2000 years ago in 50AD without the use of mortar


Standing at the highest point of the old city of Segovia, the Plaza Mayor, in a bright yellow facade is a must visit site. The stained glass windows and the enormity of the cathedral can be viewed only in 3€.


The Alcazar, which looks like a Walt Disney Castle, provides great views of the surroundings. The museum can be visited in 5.5€ per adult


This is the view point to have a look at the magnificent Aqueducts and the Plaza Azuguejo on which stands the structure

We finally decided to visit this historical city on a rainy day as we needed to get out of the city for a day. This rown is a gem and has so many sites to offer. We started by parking our car near the Aqueducts which stand on the Plaza Azuguejo. After taking lots of photos and appreciating the beauty we moved towards the attractive winding street called Calle Cervantes in search for a great Segovian Lunch.

To my surprise their local and most popular dish is a Roasted Suckling Pig popularly known as Cochinillo Asado or Toston Asado, which is a complete pig roasted and presented to you with its head and complete body. Me and my husband not being a big fan of pig and that too in this form, thought to give it a pass.

But for those who are more adventurous than me, here are a few recommendations - El RedebalRestaurante Casares & Restaurante San Martin.  

Continuing on Calle Cervantes in search of food, we landed up at another viewing point called Mirador de la Canaleja which provides for great views of the city. Towards your right you can see a building with cemented spikes all over it, called Casa de los Picos. From here we walked on Calle Juan Bravo, a small narrow street lined with local shops & cafes to reach Plaza Mayor where we encountered the stunning Cathedral of Segovia impressing us with its yellow facade.

Plaza Mayor

The beauty of the cathedral lies inside in its mural artwork on the ceilings, stained glass windows, vaulted arches and intricate gold work.

After being enchanted by the Cathedral, we moved down further exploring cute and pretty nooks and corners of the town reaching the Disneyland castle called Alcazar. This castle in reality was an inspiration for many castles depicted in Walt Disney fairy tale movies. The view of the city and winding roads leading to the city are amazing from the complex of the castle.

From here walked back a different route leading us to other part of the cities finally taking us to the Mirador Del Postigo from where you could have the view of the city centre where stands the Aqueducts. This viewing point can be accessed just in front of the Aqueducts as well.  

At the Mirador del Postigo

P.S. we finally ate at a very lousy burger place!! Not recommended 

How to Reach Segovia

Car : 1hr 
Bus : 1hr (9euros)
Train : 28 mins (12-24 euros)
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