Ronda the most photogenic city of Spain

Ronda the most photogenic city of Spain


Ronda is the perfect destination for a one night romantic getaway in Andalucia, Spain. This photogenic city is the well kept secret of Spain, still not exposed to international tourists as much as other cities of Spain. So till you have the time, pack your bags and come see this splendid city. The city can be easily explored within a day on foot, but its dramatic and instgrammable views need one night to soak it all in.


Meaning New Bridge in english, it is a 120 m high bridge overlooking the Tajo Gorge. It was built over a duration of 34 years in 1973, so the bridge isn't that "new" but it derived its name from the fact that it was built after the old bridge, called Puente Viejo in 1616. The views from either side of the bridge are breathtaking. Another interesting fact about this bridge is the chamber above the central arch was once used as a prison and the prisoners were thrown over from the small windows in the chamber as a severe punishment.


The best way to see the enormity of Puente Nuevo is to see it from the very bottom, that is, be being in the Gorge itself. It is a 10 minute drive from the bridge or a 30 minute walk down. Be careful, the road is steep and rubbly. Head towards the Puerta de Almocabar and from there follow the 'Camino de los Molinos' to reach the Gorge.


To get endless views of the city and beyond, you have to go to this viewpoint, called Mirador de Ronda. At the end of this viewpoint is a free hanging balcony called El Balcon de Coño. This balcony derived its name from the expression 'coño' in spanish, which is how the people exclaim once they are at this free standing balcony at this magnificent altitude. (check for the word 'coño' on google to know the meaning!!! You will be surprised)


The Plaza de toros meaning bullfighting arena is on of the oldest in Spain with the largest bull rink in Spain. Am not a bog promoter of the sport but the plaza is worth visiting for its fascinating architecture. The world famous bullfighting event 'Corrida Goyesca' still takes place once a year in this arena.

The city might seem old and ancient but it will surprise you with a number of modern and quirky restaurants and cafes. The best in town was Tragatá with a modern and chic feel and bespoke menu. It had one of the best spanish fusion tapas  I ever had . It is a must visit, but make sure to make reservations before hand. It's usually jam packed!!!

If you plan to stay back in the city for the night, like we did, and enjoy the local culture and nightlife, then Taberna El Almacén is the most popular bar amongst locals and youngsters with great drinks and cocktails.

Also if you fancy a nice coffee with beautiful views of the valley from a height of 100 meters, you must visit the coffee shop of Parardor de Ronda which is a heritage hotel in Ronda


From Malaga

CAR     : 1.5 hr drive

BUS     : 11 €, 2.5 hrs Click here to see the timetable

TRAIN: 15€ (one way) and 25€ (return), 2 hrs Click here to know more details


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