Day Trip to Mérida

Mérida, the capital of Extremadura is a World Heritage Site and another Roman City in Spain. 3 hours from Madrid and 2 hrs from Sevilla, Mérida also popularly know as 'Mini-Rome' was founded in 25 BC (much later than Italica). This city holds and preserves more ancient Roman structures than anoy other city in Spain.

The 15,000 seater majestic Amphitheater is an example of how the Roman ruins have been conserved in this city. A part of the 3 tiered Amphitheater has been incredibly preserved to give you a glimpse of how it really was where people used to enjoy the Gladiatorial fights.

Love exploring with my partner in crime, my husband who also has a great passion and love for travel and exploration!

Just next to the Amphitheater is a 6000 seater Roman Theater which still holds some events during the Summer months of July and August Click here to know more!

The various Roman ruins are scattered around the city which makes it even more adventurous  exploring the city on foot.

Corinthian Columns just standing around a corner as you walk around the city

This hexastyle Classical Temple known as the Roman Temple of Diana is a beautiful site.

Just 20 minutes walking North of the Amphitheater stands the Roman Aqueducts known as the "Acueducto de los Milagros". Only a part of the structure exists today and is worth the walk!  

 How to reach from Sevilla

Car : 2 hrs drive 
Bus : 2 hrs (15€) | 3 hrs (9€)
Train : 3.5 hrs (20€)

Click here for timings and ticket details

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