Day Trip to La Pedriza

Looking for a scenic nature escape from the city? Go to La Pedriza, just a 45 mins drive from the city. It has one of the highest ranges around Madrid and is a hiker's paradise. These gorgeous ranges are easy to trek and provide for spectacular views from the peaks.

View of the snow capped mountains in March

These are the views we got when we dint even climb till the top!

On the foot of the hill of La Pedriza is a small town called Manzanares El Real. Though the town has nothing much to offer, but it holds a castle, Castillo Manzanares El Real which looks like it appeared out of a fairy tale movie. The castle now is a museum of antiques, armors, tapestries and some old furniture. The entry is 5€. The castle is worth a visit to take some photographs and stop for a sumptuous Moroccan lunch at La Jaime, which stands just in front of the castle.

Castillo Manzanares El Real

Head further towards La Pedriza till the parking spot which is just a 10 mins drive from Manazanares El Real. There are few hiking trails you can follow or if you the adventurous kind, just explore and head in the greens like we did! Walk, trek & explore!!!

In addition to all this, there is a river stream flowing next to these paths which can't be missed.


 How to reach

Car : 45 mins drive from Madrid
Bus : 60 mins by bus number 724   Check it here at Moovit app

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