Italica (Santiponce)

Half Day Trip to Italica

Just 9 kms away from Sevilla stands the oldest Roman city in Spain called Italica, founded in 206 BC and the birthplace of 3 Roman Emperors. The city is known for its elaborate Amphitheater, which was the 3rd largest in the Roman emperor with a capacity of 25,000 spectators, the ruins of the Public Baths (Termas), intricate mosaic works & Aqueducts. Another amazing fact about this small wonder is that it was used as a shooting location for GOT Season 7 when Cersei meets Khaleesi! Although Sevilla keeps your hands busy with its splendid site and structures, Italica cant be missed. Take out 2 hours of your day to be transported back in time!

Entry to Italica (EU citizens - free entry ; Non EU citizens - 1.5 €/adult)


Well preserved statues of the Roman Gods


The city of Sevilla is visible through the Roman ruins


Well preserved intricate mosaic works with manicured and pruned trees adding to the beauty of this place


Ruins of the Roman Public Baths (Termas)

Entering the Elaborate Amphitheater through high stoned walls

Most parts of the amphitheater could not be preserved as they were destroyed beyond the point of conservation due to floods

The central pit where the Gladiatorial Fights took place was covered during the shooting of GOT and hence isn't visible in the series.


The covered corridors under the amphitheater opened to public recently


Avoid visiting this city during summers specially the months of July and August as South of Spain is burning. We visited this place on a very pleasant day in December 2017 which was the hottest winters of Sevilla with day temperatures rising up to 22 degrees Celsius.


 How to reach from Sevilla

Car : 12 mins drive from the center
Bus : 20 minutes from the center
Taxi : 12 mins drive (18-23€)

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