About me

I am a creative and dynamic individual whose heart and soul lies in travelling and exploring different places. As I am an Architect and Interior Designer by profession, I have learned to appreciate and acknowledge all forms of art and culture. Being born and brought up in India, a country with diverse cultures has needless to say added to my passion.
I got married in January, 2017 and moved to Spain, a country famous for its elegant architecture, vibrant culture and phenomenal gastronomic delights. Me and my husband both are travel buffs and have been on our toes discovering each and every spot of Spain.
Spain has evolved as one of the most touristic countries in the world in the past few years. Most of the people take guided tours to travel around the country, missing out on the essence of discovering the hidden meandering streets and unexplored picturesque spots.
I here, through my travel blog WanderPie, would assist you in expanding your horizon for this splendid country and make you visit remarkable places that would leave a footprint on your memory!
For all you wanderers out there, lets embark our trip to Spain with WanderPie and unravel the splendor and tradition of Spain! Its time to create some memories!!!!