10 most beautiful places in Ibiza


Ibiza is famous not only by its music scene, but also it has some of the world’s beautiful views. Whether you want to relax or feel the need for adrenaline, you won’t leave unsatisfied. The area is filled with natural wonders and serves you the best Mediterranean cuisine. It’s the best party destination, but not just that!



Just 11 km from Ibiza, there is a small Island called Formentera. You can cycle across it in less than a day! Spend a day on one of the small beaches on this Island and have a bath in it’s turquoise waters. The diversity of marine life in the warm waters of Formentera make it the ideal place for snorkelling. Away from the main beaches, you can enjoy your peacefull holiday.

Dalt Vila


Get to know the history of Ibiza, by taking a romantic walk to the old town - Dalt Vila. It’s located on a little mountain and it’s surrounded by the sea. With it’s renaissance walls and tiny streets, the city is filled with unique historical architecture. It’s also a great place for taking pictures.

Salinas Natural Park


It’s one of the most breathtaking places on the Pityusic Islands. The sea represents most of the park’s area and you can find there the longest living species on Earth – seagrass called Posidonia. On land there is another popular attraction - salt fields of Las Salinas. In Ses Salinas, you can watch flamingos all year long. And of course there also beautiful beaches to relax after – take a dip in clear waters and stay for a beautiful sunset.

es vedra


For many – a secret cove of Ibiza, but for sure it’s a landscape very different from anything else. It’s the third most magnetic spot on earth (after the famous Bermuda Triangle). You can feel the magic and enjoy some breathtaking views when visiting the rock island. It’s even said, that the colour of the sky there is different. Myths say it’s a home of the sirens who tried to lure Ulysses from Homer’s Odyssey. It’s a great source of inspiration.

hippy market


It’s the original one and the biggest market on Ibiza. It has existed since 1973. Enjoy your shopping beneath the shade of tropical trees accompanied by live music and performances. The market is full of goods from all over the world and for sure it’s the best place to find your perfect souvenir that will remind you of your wonderful vacation. Wednesday is a good place for a shopping trip!

Cafe Mambo


Once a small Ibizan house, was then transformed into one of the most popular places to visit while traveling Ibiza. It’s said to be the home for the world’s most iconic sunset. The view is accompanied by famous DJ’s sets, delicious food and cold cocktails. It has been awarded for The Best Bar in Ibiza several times for its contribution to the nightlife of the island. If you’re looking to have fun, for sure you’ll find lots of it in Café Mambo for both day and night activities.

Cala Conta Beach


You need to go there if you haven’t experienced it’s crystal waters yet. What makes the beach even more special are the views of the little islands surrounding it. There are two main coves here, one with a rocky coastline and the other one surrounded by sand dunes. It’s a great place for snorkelling with its colourful marine life found in the rocky areas. Spend your day swimming and wait for the amazing, soothing spectacle later – it’s one of the best beaches to see the sunset.

Cala Bassa


It’s one of the most popular beaches near San Antonio. You can spend your time by laying on it’s warm, golden sands. For adrenalin lovers there is a lot of watersports to choose from. When you get hungry, you can quickly find restaurants with local Mediterranean food. It is designed to fulfil your every, even the most extravagant need. In addition to all of that, there is also amazing soundtrack delivered by resident DJ’s to keep everyone in Ibizan mood.



For a chilled, beach day, you should head to this little bay in the north of Ibiza. It looks like a bay and therefore it’s protected from strong winds. There is a lot of luxury yachts to look at. On Sundays, you can experience the hippie side of the island. Feel the drums, watch the sunset and let go of all your problems. Artists and musicians dance and play bongos, celebrating the beauty of this island as the sun goes down.

San Miguel Cave


Who said that Ibiza is only special because of it’s beautiful beaches and party opportunities? If you’re looking for an escape from the heat during the day, you should take a tour to the underground caves in Puerto de San Miguel. It’s one of the most unknown corners of Ibiza, but it’s a special one. Originally used by smugglers for the contraband, the eerie caves are now a beautiful spectacle of light and colour. The visitors also get to see the amazing views out to sea from openings in the cliff side.

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